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What is the Night Rider?

The Night Rider is a private night bus with no fixed timetable or route. It picks you up at the desired time and takes you door-to-door to your destination. The Night Rider runs only at weekends throughout Luxembourg and must be booked in advance.

As it is a group service, other passengers may get on and off during your journey. For that reason the Night Rider does not usually take direct routes and may take detours.

  • What are the advantages of the Night Rider?

    The Night Rider takes you to the destination of your choice and back home in comfort and safety: restaurant, pub, disco, party, and friends' homes – wherever. It saves you looking and paying for a parking space, and gets you to your destination relaxed and trouble-free.

    The bigger the group making the same journey (8 max., same pick-up point and destination) the greater the savings you can make with the Night Rider.

  • When does the Night Rider operate?

    The Night Rider is available every weekend, Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 5 am, throughout Luxembourg.

    Given the high demand, we advise you to book as early as possible. If your desired departure time is already fully booked, our booking system will automatically suggest another slot depending on availability.

  • What does the Night Rider cost?

    The cost of a journey is based on the travel distance -regardless of the number of people that are booked on the same journey. The price is always calculated on the shortest distance, even if the bus picks up and drops off other people en route. The minimum price of a journey is 12 Euros.

    If, for example, 3 people wish to travel from the same pick-up point in Luxembourg City to the same destination in Mersch, the journey will only be calculated once (24 Euros). So it only costs 8 Euros per person. The total cost of 24 Euros can be payed per credit card or Digicash.

    Another example: if 5 people (3 of whom have a Night Card) are travelling from the same pick-up point in Belvaux (Beles) to the same destination in Luxembourg City, the journey will only be calculated once (25.20 Euros). This fare is then split in 5. Only the price for those 2 people without a Night Card will be displayed at the time of booking and will be charged to your credit card (10.08 Euros).

    To request a quote (non-contractual), please use the Booking page.

    If all passengers have a Night Card, the journey with Night Rider is either free or charged at a discounted rate.

  • Who can use the Night Rider?

    Night Rider is available to anyone who wishes to travel within Luxembourg car-free on weekend evenings. It is available to wheelchair users and pushchairs can also be carried (please mention this at the time of booking under ‘Options’).

How does the Night Rider work?

Go to Booking request to check the price and availability of your journey.

When your booking has been submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail including a summary of the details of your journey.

About 10 minutes before Night Rider picks you up, we will send you a SMS. So you will always know when to go to the designated meeting or pick-up point.

As you pay in advance there is no need to carry any money when you use Night Rider. As proof of booking, the driver will need to see either your Night Card, a print-out or electronic copy (Smartphone) of your booking confirmation or the SMS sent to your mobile phone.

How can the Night Rider be booked?

You can book the Night Rider in 4 quick and easy steps on our website by going to Book, up to 60 minutes before your desired pick-up time.

You must have a valid Night Card, credit card or a Smartphone (Digicash) to book the Night Rider.

Enter all the relevant details for your journey to calculate the price.
If your desired departure time is already fully booked, an alternative time will automatically be suggested by the booking system, depending on availability.

To complete the booking we require certain personal details from you: a valid e-mail address where we can send the confirmation of your booking, and your mobile phone number so that we can send a pick-up SMS 10 minutes before the Night Rider arrives.

You can verify all the details again in a booking summary before proceeding to the CETREL secure payment platform (CETREL – a Six Group Company) to pay for your journey with Night Rider. We do not read your credit card details and we do not keep them.

Please e-mail us any queries to or use our Contact form.
You can ring us on our hotline 900 71 010 (3 cents/minute) Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 5 am the next day.

What is new at the Night Rider?

To satisfy the changing needs and wishes of our clients, we have developed the Night Rider concept and have introduced a new range of services.

Visit our website regularly and you will not fail to be surprised.

  • Multiple departure points for the same journey

    You and your friends want to go to the same destination, but you are all leaving from different places? No problem! From now on you will be able to book journeys and pick up your friends en route at the address of their choice so that you can travel to your destination together. The price for the shared journey will still be divided by the number of passengers.

    Please choose the booking option Multiple departure or arrivals points and fill in the different adresses connected to your journey.

  • The pick-up SMS

    The Night Rider’s arrival time at the pick-up point may vary by +/- 10 minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions. For this reason you will receive an automatic pick-up SMS about 10 minutes before the Night Rider arrives. This way you will always know when to be at the agreed meeting point and will not waste any of your valuable time.

  • An attractive price structure for shared journeys

    The cost of a journey on the Night Rider is based on the travel distance - regardless of the number of people who have booked the same journey. It is always calculated based on the shortest distance, even if the bus picks up and drops off other people en route.
    The more people who wish to make the same journey (8 max.) the cheaper the price per person.

If you have any comments about, or suggestions for improving our new service, we will be happy to receive your feedback and we will do our best to take your ideas on board.

What’s next?

Alternative ways to pay

You want to avoid entering your personal details every time and would like to use new payment solutions? Digicash is what you’re looking for!

It allows you to securely pay in seconds with your Smartphone without entering your personal card data. You only have to scan the QR Code displayed on the final payment screen. Digicash is a free App issued by all major banks in Luxembourg. Directly linked to your bank account, it does not require to open a specific account or to top-up an e-money account.

To download the App or get more information, please visit