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T&C – General terms and conditions

Night Rider general terms and conditions

I. Contracting parties

The present contract is between Sales-Lentz Autocars S.A., hereinafter referred to as "the carrier", and the person booking the carriage service, hereinafter referred to as "the client"

II. Object of the contract

The carrier hereby undertakes to carry the client from the place of departure to the destination chosen by the client. The client undertakes to pay the agreed price subject to the specific conditions of this contract. The present contract only concerns the carriage from the specified point of departure to the specified point of arrival.

III. Scope of the contract

The present general terms and conditions apply to any carriage undertaken by the carrier for the client. Should one or more clauses in these terms and conditions be unlawful or contrary to any other standards, only those clauses concerned will be regarded as null and void without the entire contract being deemed null and void. The clauses concerned will be replaced by economically equivalent regulations.

Payment of the fee

I. Payment of the price

The client undertakes to pay for his ticket before carriage.

The ticket

I. Proof

The confirmation of the booking sent by e-mail or SMS from the carrier to the client is proof that the journey has been booked. If the booking is made by telephone, proof of booking can be sent on request.

Proof of booking (if electronic confirmation was sent by e-mail the client must print it out in Din A4 format) must be shown to the driver by the client before departure.

Where the booking has been made with a Night Card, the holder of the Night Card must present it to the driver together with confirmation of the booking. Upon the driver's request, the holder of the Night Card must be able to provide official proof of identity (e.g. identity card). Note that a Night Card is person-specific and that any booking made with a Night Card is valid only for the holder of that Night Card.

The ticket is valid only for the route, date and time displayed on it.

II. Cancellation

When a booked journey is annulled (cancelled) by the client at least 2 hours before departure, the full price paid will be reimbursed to the client within 72 hours; it will be credited to the credit card account used to make the booking. Cancellations made less than 2 hours before departure will not be refunded.


I. Place of departure, time of departure and destination

The place of departure, destination and desired time of departure will be indicated by the client at the time of booking. The client undertakes to be present at the point of departure at least 10 minutes before the designated time of departure. The carrier is not obliged to wait for the client after the designated time of departure has passed. 10 minutes before the Night Rider arrives at the point of departure, the carrier will send a SMS to the client on the mobile telephone number provided by the client.

II. Time of arrival

The time of arrival is not binding. The duration of your journey, and hence the time of arrival, is calculated on the basis of normal traffic and road conditions. Events such as traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, road works and construction works, technical issues with the vehicle or the behaviour of other passengers, may cause delays which are not attributable to the carrier, and which will not entitle the client to any compensation.

III. Seats

Specific seats are not allocated in the vehicle. The client does not have the right to demand a specific seat. A change of seat may only be effected with the agreement of the passenger occupying the said seat. The client is prohibited from occupying a seat by placing luggage or any other personal belongings on it or sitting in such a manner as to occupy two or more seats, unless the client has booked and paid for these additional seats.

IV. Equipment

A reservation entitles the client to carriage in a minibus with standard equipment.

V. Suitability to be carried

By reserving a ticket the client declares that he is mentally and physically capable of making his intended journey. Should the client require special facilities on the vehicle due to a physical or mental condition, the carrier must be informed prior to travel. The carrier will then determine whether or not carriage is possible. The carrier cannot be held liable if, due to a lack of information provided by the client, the client is unable to board the minibus or make his journey.

Behaviour on the minibus

I. General provisions

Article 14 of the Grand Ducal Regulation of 3 September 1980 "governing the police and ensuring the safety of regular road transport" is an integral part of the present contract

II. Dress

The carrier may refuse to carry any client who is inappropriately dressed.

III. Hygiene

Similarly, the carrier can refuse to carry any client who is strongly intoxicated, or whose personal hygiene is deemed unacceptable.

IV. Noise

It is not permitted to listen to music with speakers for the duration of the journey. Headphones may be used as long as the music does not disturb other passengers. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the minibus. Similarly, it is not permitted to consume any food that, particularly because of its odour, may disturb other passengers or that may soil the vehicle.

V. General

The general behaviour of the client must be such that other passengers are not disturbed, that the journey can take place peacefully and safely, and that the equipment on the minibus is neither soiled nor damaged. The client must follow the instructions given by the carrier. SMOKING is strictly forbidden on board the minibus.

Final provisions

I. Data protection

The personal data which the client submits to the carrier by internet or other means, shall be used by the carrier to provide the services requested (where available), and for customer support and quality assurance purposes. The client accepts that, where applicable, he will receive a quality assurance questionnaire by e-mail. The client also authorises the carrier to use these data to send information about new products and services. The client reserves the right to instruct the carrier that he no longer wishes to receive any further information about new products and services. The data will not be passed to unauthorised third parties, with the exception of credit card companies when payment is made by credit card, public authorities where necessary, and to the competent municipal authorities that offer Night Card to their citizens. The client acknowledges that he has been made aware of the fact that he has the right to access and correct this data.

II. Laws and other regulations

The client declares that at the time of the journey he is in possession of all relevant documentation. The carrier cannot be held liable for the consequences of any failure to conform to the law. The client undertakes to compensate the carrier for any losses incurred by the carrier as a result of the client's failure to conform to the law with regard to the journey to be made.

III. Third-party services

If, in the context of the execution of the present contract, the carrier engages a third party to offer services to the client, the carrier is simply to be regarded as a contractor and is only liable in the event of intent or gross negligence according to the regulations contained in the present contract.

IV. Applicable law

With regard to its validity, interpretation and execution, the present contract shall be subject to the laws of Luxembourg. The place of jurisdiction for all legal proceedings relating to the execution, interpretation and validity of the present contract is the courts of the City of Luxembourg.

V. Amendments to the contract

Any amendment or derogation to the travel conditions in force must be made in writing, and signed by both parties. The client is informed that the carrier’s staff are not authorised to add to, amend or disregard the clauses of the present contract.